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There are many different types of massage, and many different types of therapists out there. Finding the right combination for you may take several visits to different practitioners. Be patient. You are taking an active role in your health! You want, and should only be happy with, the best!

I am licensed in the State of Maine, having received my certificate through the Accredited Spa Tech Institute located in Portland, Maine. For more information on them, please visit:

My clients are people who are seeking relief from injuries, major and minor. They are also people who are simply seeking relief from the daily stress of life. They are willing to participate in their own recovery, however difficult it may be. They do not expect me to "fix" a herniated disc in one brief hour session.

My clients, when they book an appointment, get my full attention. I am not a 'spa' so I get to determine how long my session length is. This allows me to focus on what needs to be done, not "what can I get done before my next appointment?” An hour session includes a discussion, before you get on the table, about what you would like to have worked on, what your expectations are, and what our plan will be. Then, you are on my table for a full hour. After this hour, you take your time getting off the table, drink lots of water, and we chat again, briefly, about how this session worked for you.

I hope this has answered any questions you may have had. If there are questions that I did not address here, please feel free to e-mail by filling out the form in the Contact Me section.

I hope to hear from you soon!


PS:  My office is Fragrance Free and my linens are washed in Organic, Phosphate and Fragrance Free Detergent.